Phosphorus Burn FI
If you have not yet seen The Periodic Visuals site, you will want to visit today. Even if you don’t teach science you will find this project intriguing (and you are likley to learn something new about one or more of the elements). Each one of the 118 elements on the periodic table has its own video. So many students who struggle in science need [read more…]

On-line collages

Collage FI

If you are looking for a quick formative assessment or a way to let your artistic students shine, you have to visit Photovisi. Students simply select a template, drop the photos into place, and print to create their product.

Photo collages can be quick alternatives (or supplements) to an essay or quiz. Or for a student with a disability, they can be part of a larger assessment and used to highlight key skills a student has acquired over a period of time (e.g., photo of student learning to use [read more…]

Adapt literature assignments with ease

Faces FI

Many teachers know about Spark Notes but may not have considered it as a tool for differentiating instruction. The free notes on this site can not only help struggling readers better understand assigned literature but can also make adapting text, assessments, and related materials much easier for both special and general educators. Further, this site can be used [read more…]

Let them fight it out!

Argument Wars FI

Are your students learning about the Constitution? What better way to do so than to argue “real” court cases? Argument Wars at offers students the chance to become a lawyer and argue a case before a judge. They will learn about the case, then choose among the various amendments to find the best [read more…]

Get Poppin’

Brain Pop FI

My theme is March is going to be technology. Specifically, I am going to be featuring websites that can help teachers engage and support a wide range of students.

I’m starting with one of my favorite sites for teachers in K-12 classrooms, BrainPOP. This site contains over 1,000 [read more…]

Social studies alive

Shield FI

The last post of the month brings us to an older post from a blog that is new to me, Bring Social Studies Alive! I just could not resist sharing this description of a unit that culminates in the sharing of products, a little dramatic flair and a celebration.

Students in blogger Paul Aleckson’s school select a topic area of ancient Greece or Rome and conduct short research projects. As part of the project, each learner creates a product (e.g., diagram, piece of art, model) to deepen understanding of their selected topic. Their projects are then used to create an [read more…]

Sequencing game in world languages

Creative Language Class FI

Not only do I think this game from Creative Language Class serves as a motivating tool for learning new words, reading in a new language, and collaborating with peers, but it also has that element of fun (down to the big colorful clips mentioned in the post) that may just keep students engaged enough to [read more…]

Cooperative learning tips

Desk Arrangement FI

This is my second time featuring the content-rich blog of Brown Bag Teacher. I just love her detailed posts and lesson descriptions. Today I am highlighting her Kagan Cooperative Learning materials and tips. Check out the visuals she has created to teach students about group work, the bins she has assembled for discussions and the grouping cues she has affixed to student desks-genius!

Cooperative learning is such an elegant way to differentiate in the K-12 inclusive classroom. Groupings can be changed to accommodate interests, abilities or needs; peer and adult supports can be built into [read more…]

Treble clef music stations

Batons FI

If you have read Differentiation Daily at all in the last year or two, you know I love using stations to differentiate instruction in mixed-ability classrooms. I especially love seeing stations in classrooms where we don’t often see them….like in the music teacher’s lesson plans. For this reason, I had to feature Mrs. King Music Class for the idea about [read more…]

Fraction Bingo

Fraction FI

In the final week of blogging about the “how” or process of differentiation, I am featuring active learning techniques. Today I am featuring a game for math teachers. Check out It’s My Blog, Y’all to find materials you can download to create your own fractions bingo game. If this game is too complex or not complex enough, you can get ideas for creating a [read more…]