3 easy classroom ideas

Stackable FI

Today, I am going to feature a clip of my own work. This is a video I shot with one of my publishers a few years ago. In it, I demonstrate a few differentiation ideas from my book, From Text Maps to Memory Caps. Take a look to [read more…]

Rain forest poems & pictures

Teaching Channel FI

Teaching Channel is such a fantastic resource. They have high quality videos on so many topics including differentiation. The clip I am featuring today is a geography lesson and it’s really unique in that the teacher uses a multi-sensory/multiple intelligences approach in the middle school classroom. The topic is rain forests and students in this five minute clip use images, graphs, poetry and [read more…]

Using choice boards

Chioce Board FI

Have you used tic-tac-toe choice boards in your classroom yet? If you have not yet used this tool as a way to teach to differences, watch this video from Scoodoodle.com. You will not only clearly understand how to use this strategy after watching the clip, but you will also walk away with a few different ideas for using it in a [read more…]

Tips for station differentiation

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Hello! I’m back from a long break away and ready to share some new strategies with you. There is only one week left in the month, but I am still going to use a theme for the next five days. My theme is not related to content, but format. This week, I’ll share five short videos filled with quick tips for the differentiated classroom. Today’s selection is short and filled with a handful of easy-to-implement ideas for using centers/learning stations in the [read more…]

Happy Holidays!

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Hope everyone is having a wonderful end to their year! New posts will resume mid-January. See you in 2015!

Turn and talk

Peer Instruction FI

Need to know more about the active and/or interactive classroom? Check out this article and short (two minute) video created by educator Julie Schell. Julie provides a glimpse into a classroom engaged in peer instruction and provides a rationale for its use. For more on this topic, browse some of the other topics and authors on the Turn to Your Neighbor blog. It is probably the best [read more…]

A math debate?

Number Chart FI

Debate the hundred chart. Make picture puzzles. Play arrow games. You will find over 30 ways to use the hundred chart on Let’s Play Math, a blog created by a creative homeschooling mom. These ideas are so much fun and so varied, as well. You are sure to find several to use in a classroom of diverse learners.

Consider using some of these as math stations or putting a few of them [read more…]

Brain break balloons

Balloon FI

So many of the audiences in my workshops love using brain breaks (and so do I). I have shared several posts highlighting different types of breaks, but I have never shared one on brain break displays. Until now! Today’s featured idea from Teaching Spanish with Comprehensible Input involves housing slips of paper inside balloons. When students need a break, just pop a balloon and [read more…]

Going “bats” for presentations

Bat FI

I recently discovered Mrs. Wideen’s blog and have subsequently spent hours reading her many posts on technology, student-centered instruction, and collaborative learning. One of my favorites was a recent post on moving beyond the worksheet. Click on over to the blog to learn about the presentations her students designed. You will not only see some great examples of [read more…]

Models from maps

3D Contour FI

The Teaching Channel today to share a great active learning lesson on making three-dimensional models. This detailed lesson illustrates how to focus on vocabulary during an activity-based lesson and how to create an experience that focuses on problem solving, collaboration, design and more. This is a complex lesson but so many different types of learners could participate in [read more…]