Itty bitty books

Little Book FI

I am a big Sarah Cooley fan! If you don’t know Sarah, she is the hard working blogger and teacher who can be found over on the fabulous early-grades blog, First Grader at Last. I have posted a lot of Sarah’s ideas here in the past, but have not visited lately so I was thrilled to find an idea today that fit perfectly into my October theme of differentiated products: itty bitty books. Click over to Sarah’s blog and you will find this clever little giveaway that can be used immediately in your classroom as a support for [read more...]

Architects in the classroom

Site Plan FI

Edutopia is “to the rescue” once again in providing wonderful resources for a unique product that can be used to teach and assess in the differentiated classroom: an architectural model. Students in Eeva Reeder’s geometry class must develop a site plan, a scale model, floor plans, a perspective drawing, a cost estimate, and a written proposal. This short article provides a detailed description of the architecture project, the many types of assessments used, and the ways in which she encourages [read more...]

Students as virtual teachers

Video FI

As this detailed post on Flipping with Kirch illustrates, e-tutorials are becoming really popular in K-12 classrooms. I am a big fan of using them as assessments and as teaching tools as they allow students to address a host of different skills and let learners showcase abilities that may not be otherwise seen or recognized in a [read more...]

Getting started with portfolios

Portfolio FI

Have you used student or subject-area portfolios to assess learners and help them catalog their own learning? If not, you might consider experimenting with them this year as they are rich with opportunities for differentiation. Portfolios can require some up-front planning; they are sometimes challenging to store and manage and need to be reviewed regularly. On the upside, they allow to [read more...]

Campaign commercials

Harry Truman FI

I got this idea from The New York Times and it is a real gem. In just a few weeks, educators will be talking about elections again. Therefore, it may be time to consider using this unique learning product. Contributed by Ms. Razee, a teacher in Honolulu, this assessment involves teaching students [read more...]

Columbus Day reconsidered

Columbus FI

Today, I am featuring a short article about teaching with cultural, regional, racial and religious diversity in mind. Jump over to Learning Liftoff, a website filled with teaching resources for families and educators, to browse materials appropriate for all grade levels. The featured ideas will [read more...]

Folding Mt. Fuju

Solar System Model FI

On their website, Canon (the camera & printer company) provides directions for creating stunning paper models of many science-related items and ideas including dinosaurs, insects, globes, sundials, and even a hydroelectric power plant!

There are so many models here that you could allow students to make choices based on their strengths and abilities. You might also adapt by [read more...]

Interactive notebooks for the young scientist

Notebook Cover FI

Many teachers are using interactive blogs in the science classroom, but I have seen most of them in the upper elementary classrooms. This blog post from Not Just Child’s Play provides inspiration for using them with the youngest scientists in our schools. I like interactive notebooks because they are a perfect example of a differentiated product. They allow for [read more...]

A “comic” look at history

Obama FI

Kids love comics, right? So why not do as Mrs. Fritz did and have your students create comic strips illustrating what they have learned in a particular unit or lesson? Mrs. Fritz teaches middle school social studies so her learners chose topics like the life of Ghandi and the 22nd and 23rd Amendments.

This project (featured on the Technology Academy blog) focused on a digital learning skill (creativity) and allowed students to demonstrate knowledge in a variety of ways. Students were given the ability to [read more...]

Fun and games

Sorry FI

This month my focus for the blog is differentiated products, so I have been having a lot of fun browsing sites for both teacher-created and student-created learning materials. Today’s find over at The MathSmith was one of my favorite finds for this topic because I love playing board games and I am a huge fan of using them in the classroom. Check out this [read more...]