Explaining differentiation to the students

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How do you explain differentiation to learners in a way they understand? Try this great mini-lesson from Saylor’s Log. Not only do I love the post but the blog is fantastic. If you are a first grade teacher, [read more...]

“All about me” for everyone

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Anyone in the midst of an “all about me” unit? If so, you will want to visit Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten blog. Not only does she share a whole host of ideas, she includes several photos of the lessons. This unit contains lessons and activities that will speak to every type of learner. She has name pictures for [read more...]

Who am I?

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You all know that I love to share active learning techniques as much as any other type of lesson on this blog. Today is a treat because I not only get to feature a fun “guess who” getting-to-know-you game, but a free download that comes along with it. Over at Inspiring Teaching Now, you can grab this downloadable set of cards and play with students immediately. This game can be played at [read more...]

Get spin-spired

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Ashley Hacksaw bannerI found this project on Ashley Hacksaw’s blog Lil Blue Boo and thought it would be such a neat addition to any teacher’s classroom. Some of the choices on this spinner are “on cloud 9″, “a firecracker”, and “Ironman”. You could use these ideas or create a more classroom-centered theme. For instance, an English teacher could [read more...]


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Not all teachers can use Facebook in the classroom, but some may be able to take advantage of the great ideas in this list of “100 Ways You Should Be Using Facebook in the Classroom” over on OnlineCollege.org. You will find ideas for making [read more...]


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The next time your students have to make posters, check out Glogster as an alternative to cutting, pasting, and stenciling. This site lets kids create an interactive visual using text, images, music and video. This version works great as a community-building exercise (have students get to know one another by sharing their posters).

For instance, here is a really cool [read more...]

Let me count the ways I know you

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Community building, getting-to-know-you activities, and informal conversations have to continue all year long.

Stumped on how to keep the energy up and the ideas flowing? No worries. The Pearson Online Learning Exchange is here to help with 56 [read more...]

A mirror for reflection & a pizza full of poetry

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How I love this high school English teacher’s post on cultivating classroom chemistry! It seems that this topic doesn’t get as much attention in the upper grades, but it needs to if we expect students to give us their best. When I read Ms. Wessling’s post over at Teaching Channel, I am reminded of a phrase I routinely shared with all of my undergraduate students when I was involved in teacher [read more...]

Writing, reading, and making the rules

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Thanks to Microsoft for today’s post on putting students in charge of cultivating classroom norms, managing materials, and learning about and from one another. This blog entry will be appreciated by any teacher who recognizes that the approaches we use to build community need to be as diverse as [read more...]

Connection & community in the classroom

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I get to feature a new blog today! Well, the blog isn’t new, but I have not highlighted it in past posts so I am excited to share it in my first week back.

Changing the World One Lesson at a Time is a blog written by a elementary math teacher (upper grades). I found it when I was searching for getting-to-know you activities. Since building community is our theme this month, I looked for posts that would not only help teachers get started in September, but support them in carrying themes of character-building, [Read more...]