Support for annotations


Thank you to Caitlin Tucker for this information-rich post on annotation. I love not only the illustration of the well-annotated text, but the many strategies and ideas she includes. I am so interested in the [read more…]

Science and standards

Edutopia FI

Seeking ideas for teaching to the standards across the content areas? This Edutopia post has a very detailed description of how to create science lessons that integrate literacy skills and provide opportunities for critical thinking. It also includes ideas for providing supports for diverse learners such as [read more…]

What’s your point (of view)?

Point of View FI

I am over at Teaching with a Mountain View again today as I cannot get enough of Mary’s superb lessons. The post I am highlighting is one on teaching point of view and it includes so many ideas for interactive lessons. Check out her anchor chart (great support for visual learners), her student-created posters (perfect for pairs or small groups), her picture-book exercise, her Toy Story [read more…]

A close look at close readings

10 FI

Looking for new ideas as you teach close readings? Cool Cat Teacher has you covered. The post I am highlighting today is a guest post and it features ten tips and a fab infographic that illustrates each one of the tips. I think these tips will help any educator reach and teach a diverse group of students but if you need [read more…]

Teaching Greek & Latin roots

Word Roots FI

I found a new blog today! The Brown Bag teacher is focused on early elementary and it is filled with tips, strategies, and inspiration for daily lessons. I had a hard time picking which idea to feature first but I wanted to be sure to stick to my November theme of Common Core State Standards so I grabbed this gem on Greek and Latin roots. Even if you already have [read more…]

Story problem strategies

Thanksgiving Math FI

The Common Core State Standards are designed to help students apply the math they know to solve problems. One way to achieve this is to support them in decoding the language and structure of word problems. Today’s featured post will help you do just that. Hop over to Math Coach’s Corner and learn how to [read more…]

Social studies and the common core

Common Core FI

Some of us involved in inclusive schooling are nervous that new initiatives and programs will be excuses to exclude diverse learners. The literature on the Common Core, however, is really promising. There is a clear focus on raising expectations for learners and on differentiation. So that is the good news.

The bad news? This is all new and many of us are scrambling to figuring out how to teach the Common Core and integrate it into lessons. Enter Glenn at History Tech. In this recent post, he provides great [read more…]

Don’t forget the families

Common Core math FI

In this post from Corkboard Connections on teaching parents about the Common Core, Laura Candler reminds us that differentiation is not just about the decisions we make in classrooms. In order to be effective in meeting the needs of all learners, we have to educate parents too. Parents need to understand learning standards so that they can help with [read more…]

Even more resources for teaching about veterans

Veteran Cross FI

The History Channel is one of the best sites out there when it comes to providing resources for vibrant and exciting history lessons. Visit today to get speeches, pictures, videos, and articles that can be used [read more…]

Resources for Veterans Day

Flag FI

As you pause to honor veterans this week, consider one new way to teach students about their work. Stop by Larry Ferlazzo’s website for a great collection of resources that can be [read more…]