A management tool for students & teachers

It’s hard for students to achieve when they are disorganized, confused, or lacking in management skills. Introduce your overwhelmed learners to Startino and guide them through the creation of their own electronic t0-do lists.

To use this tool, simply type in any number of tasks, arrange by category, and check them off when completed. You can even print off the list so your student has a professional-looking copy to start the day or week.

The site has a very simple layout and requires little navigating to learn. You will quickly see that the real advantage of Startino over a paper list is that it incorporates a Google search box. Therefore, if you set up Startino as your browser’s homepage, your most important “to dos” will always be in front of you.

Startino can support students with learning disabilities or any individual needing help with setting priorities, remembering commitments, or breaking work into smaller segments. This site may also be used with an entire class to prepare for a large-scale project. Learners could be shown how to fracture a large task into many small ones; this is a skill that most middle school and high school students will likely profit from learning or practicing.

Teachers may also want to try Startino- why not create a “to do” of your favorite differentiation ideas and keep them in sight until you have a chance to try them out?

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