A skit starring slope

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Those of you that love Oscar season as much as I do, might be in drama hangover mode now that the awards shows have come to an end. Worry not. I am here to help!

You can recreate the experience of high drama, lights, and breathtaking dialogue by working with students on skits related to your area of study. One of my favorite posts on this is an oldie (but a goodie) from Tom DeRosa at I Want to Teach Forever. He includes a great AP Biology example; a short math skit script (“You Gotta Know Slope”) and a great collection of vocabulary sketches.

I am a huge fan of having students create and use drama as tools for teaching and learning because there are so many ways for diverse learners to engage and benefit. Videos and skits allow our students to be creative and to use skills that may be outside the area of study such as writing, editing, filmmaking, and video production. Further, this experience gives students needing practice multiple opportunities to “experience” the material whether through rehearsals of a skit or repeated viewings of a clip.

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