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Welcome to February! We have a new month and new theme. I will be focusing on the process or the “how” of differentiation for the next four weeks so expect to see posts on a wide range of topics including use of multi-media, classroom games, modeling and more.

This week, I am going to feature several different type of classroom menus. Menus not only allow choice in the classroom, but allow teachers to offer a range of learning experiences to their diverse learners. The first choice menu I am featuring this month is from a blog I have not visited in the past, but will be visiting again in the future. It’s called Shake Up Learning and it’s filled with ideas for helping teachers learn about technology. The post I am featuring does double duty for those who are teacher educators as it features a learning menu for teaching teachers about using iPads in the classroom. Not only do you get a glimpse of a great menu if you visit this site, but if you are engaging colleagues in some professional development this week, you may have a really useful tool for your presentation.
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