Assess writing with tech tools

Free Tech for Teachers is absolutely one of the best sites on the web for educators and it is a great resource for educators who want to use more tech to meet their differentiation goals. For instance, this recent post on using on-line tools to help students [Read more…]

Tech-supported LRE

Are you sensing a theme yet? For the entire month of December, I will be focusing on tech-themed differentiation ideas. You may want to let your tech support folks know about this series so that they can help you develop new skills as you personalize instruction for your students.

Today’s idea comes from the ever-reliable Edutopia. This article by Beth Holland [Read more…]

Support for annotations

Thank you to Caitlin Tucker for this information-rich post on annotation. I love not only the illustration of the well-annotated text, but the many strategies and ideas she includes. I am so interested in the [Read more…]

FUN FRIDAY: Teaching the recorder in the differentiated classroom

If you are an elementary music teacher, you must read all about Cherie Herring’s experience using tablets and interactive white boards as tools for differentiating instruction. The post on Just a Little More is about teaching students to play the recorder. In it, Herring shares nearly a dozen ideas for [Read more…]

Using tech to team up

Check out the World History Educators Blog for a smart idea for encouraging collaboration in your secondary education classroom. With busy sports schedules and various extra-curricular activities on their agendas, older students can’t always find time to study in groups or plan projects together. In this age of technology, however, there are more options than ever before for engaging in [Read more…]

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Watch-and-learn assistive tech solutions

Thank you ADHD & Autism Resource Blog! Today’s post on assistive technology is brilliant. It not only features many different tech tools that can be used in the classroom and beyond (e.g., apps, low-tech writing solutions), but video clips of each idea “in action”! If you are a visual learner and a teacher seeking more […]

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: More ideas for teaching tweets

Don’t miss these fresh ideas for teaching, supporting, and differentiating with…

Cell animation resource

John Kryk, biologist and artist, has created a phenomenal web resource for educators. His cell biology “movies” will be a great supplement to lectures and whole class discussions. The clips would also work well during a stations/centers lesson where learners had many different ways to study cells (e.g., watching clips, reading about cells).

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Keyboard symbol sort

Sorts are a great way to informally assess all students, but they work especially well for those who can’t write independently and need an alternate way to show what they know. Lori Faas at Bee the Change uses sorts not just for letters and numbers, but for keyboard symbols that are new to her students. […]

A guide to differentiating

Does effectively teaching 30 students in one classroom require teachers to develop 30 lessons, one tailor-made for each student? Or should teachers “aim for the middle” and hope to reach most students in a given lesson? The answer is not simple, but an article on examines the characteristics of differentiation and offers suggestions for how teachers […]