Creating cell models

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This month, I am focused on differentiated products. Every day of October, I will be sharing a product that students can create to show what they know. I will feature a range of ideas including games, posters, written materials, pieces of art and more.

To kick off the series I am blogging about Amy Alvis, a creative middle school teacher who blogs about several different subject areas on her site, Math, Science, Social Studies…Oh My. You will love her detailed descriptions of lessons and the many snapshots of student work.

I found many posts appropriate for this month but I chose the 3-D cell projects to highlight because they are so perfect for the inclusive and differentiated classroom. First of all, Amy lets her students choose any materials as long as their creation is 3-D, so choice is built right into the activity. In addition, the task encourages creativity, so students can work on it using their strengths. Those who are artistic can sculpt and paint, those who like to cook or bake can do so, and those who like to build or assemble materials can use Lego, blocks or other hardware to show what they know.

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