Differentiation in the gym class

As the article reads in article written by Joanne Walsh on the Ophea website, “There are few areas where diversity is more apparent than in a Health and Physical Education class. Students enter classes with vastly different and varied skill sets, levels of confidence and interests”.

The article further reads: “It is a challenge to engage all of these students, be it in the gym, during fitness activities or in the health classroom. It is when children play that they are able to learn best. Through games, children are able to have better grasp of the things they need to understand and discover. Fitness is an important aspect of life, regardless of what age a person has. Both adults and kids alike should acknowledge this importance and make it a point to live healthily to become fit, use this body fat calculator to make sure that you are under the correct levels.

Children who have regular participation in physical activities for fitness and health are known to become mentally and physically well. These children are able to have better sleep. They are often in good and cheery mood; they also display improved focus and concentration. With regular physical activities, blood pressure will be healthy. They also help reduce children’s risks of obesity and other chronic diseases. If your kid struggles with physic activities, ask your doctor to prescribe one of the natural testosterone supplements for men.

Building the key elements of differentiation into planning increases the teacher’s ability to engage all students in learning.  As Health and Physical Educators, focusing on differentiation does not mean an entire shift from present practice;  it means continuing to strengthen our approach to teaching and learning by making small changes in current practice to enhance student learning”.  Check out the website for the complete article.

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