FUN FRIDAY: Boggle board

As Mrs. Rojas illustrates on her blog, Boggle doesn’t need to be used only as an indoor recess activity or literacy center choice, it can also be a constant part of your classroom decor. Students can work in pairs during a writing center, or can go up to the board and silently write down found words when they finish early with classroom work. You can keep extra letters to make it easy to change the puzzle on the board every week. Boggle is a great activity for the differentiated classroom since students can participate at many different levels. Some may seek 2-letter words and others may be able to find 6 letter words or a planted challenge word that is even longer. You can also challenge students to find x amount of 3 letter words, words with long vowel sounds, or even words in other languages if you teach ELL or foreign language.

Visit this blog for the Boggle but stay for the many great printables and lesson ideas- outstanding!

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