FUN FRIDAY: Drama at your fingertips

Today we are breaking tradition and featuring an idea that requires a purchase: The Masterpuppet Theater. We typically like to offer ideas and plans you can use without getting a subscription or buying materials but this one was just way too clever to ignore.

For about $15.00, you can but all of the necessary supplies. The kit provideseverything you need to mount your own Shakespearean production” including a 96-page Folio of classic scenes, several backdrops to dress your sets; and sixty illustrated Character Cards.

Can you just imagine a classroom filled with finger puppet theaters, flowery dialogue, and cardboard costume changes? Not only would the experience be fun but it would be memorable as well. It might even draw in reluctant readers and those students who tend to be less-than-enthralled by drama and playwrights.

And if you don’t want to shell out the money? Simply show the materials to your students and challenge them to create their own mini-theaters. Allow them to choose any type of “actor” they want to create- finger puppets, stick puppets, hand puppets, or even paper dolls.

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