FUN FRIDAY: Getting your head around vocabularly words

When I saw this idea, it was so fun, I wanted to try it around the house this weekend- LOL!

Mrs. Lewis (clearly a teacher worthy of being featured on FUN FRIDAY) at Mrs. Lewis’ Learning Library gives students word headbands to wear around the classroom. Learners don’t know their own word and have to move about the room and ask for clues (e.g., synonym, antonym, example) from other students. They record their clues on paper and guess their word at the end of the activity. There are so many things to love about this game- it allows students a “brain break” as they get to move and interact, they get to practice using synonyms and antonyms instead of just memorizing definitions, and they get to use reasoning and problem solving skills. It is also perfect for the differentiated classroom as different students can have different words suited to their skill level. Genius!

Wouldn’t this be fun in a foreign language classroom? Or to practice content area vocabulary in science or social studies?

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