FUN FRIDAY: Paint a Picasso or Pollock

Let students unleash their artistic sides using only a mouse and a keyboard.

At Picasso Head, learners can create their own Picasso-style portraits. They simply choose faces, eyes, noses, etc. and arrange them on the canvas to create original pieces of art. Or they can explore the possibilities of splatter painting at With a few shakes of the mouse, even little ones can create computer art in the style of Jackson Pollock.

These sites might be used by art teachers to give all learners a quick way to experiment with different styles of art but they can also be used as an alternative for just one or two students who are tactilely defensive or resist painting due to fine motor problems. Also consider that you can require different students to use these tools in different ways. With the Picasso tool, for instance, some students could be asked to simply create a face from the tools available and others could be asked to replicate an actual Picasso.

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