Geometry match game

If you have ever been to my Joyful Learning workshop, you may have played Match Game, a collaborative structure from my book with Alice Udvari-Solner (Corwin, 2007). Match Game simple involves distributing two sets of cards to the learners in your class. Each card of one set should have a match in the other set. Then you have students walk around the room looking for their match. When everyone has completed the match, students sit down and the class does a quick whole-class review.

And this brings me to today’s post! I found a great set of geometry cards to use for your classroom match game at Mrs. Crockett’s Cupcakes (a fifth-grade blog).I posted a sample below but you have to visit her site to see the collection and her neat scoring card.

Featured on: Mrs. Crockett's Cupcakes

She recommends that you use them as a homework “memory” game- another great use of the materials. Love her colorful blog!

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