Get your GoNoodle on

GoNoodle banner
Since this month’s theme is movement, I have to share a post from GoNoodle. If you have not yet used this tool in your classroom, you need to check it out immediately!

In a nutshell, GoNoodle is a free resource that help kids be more focused, energized and productive. The site is filled with short videos that prompt students to move, dance or pantomime. These videos can be used to reinforce key concepts, boost engagement and attention, and support learners who struggle when asked to “sit and get” for long periods of time.

In a differentiated classroom, GoNoodle can be used as a whole-class activity, as a sensory break for one or two students, as a choice activity, as part of a stations/centers rotation and as a positive and preventive behavior support.

Want to know more? GoNoodle has a fantastic blog that is designed to give teachers help implementing brain breaks. All of the information is useful, but one of the best recent posts was this one on students who are reluctant GoNoodlers. Click on over and take a peek. You are sure to find a tip you can use today.

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