Giving artists time to think, plan, and evaluate

Jessica at The Art of Education raises a good question about whether students have enough time to practice before making final projects in art class. She fears that she often tries to rush from teaching the lesson to students creating their projects, without time for trying, failing, and deciding on which tools or methods they want to employ.

Her solution is to offer students white boards to practice techniques while she teaches the lesson, so that they have some practice of the new skill before starting the final project.

Since practice in a skill is often necessary for some students to build confidence, why not try giving them time in class to practice until they feel ready to start the final project? Or have one week a month when students can “redo” any artwork that they want to improve upon?

These approaches not only teach students real-world skills (e.g., review, evaluation, critique, editing) but provide opportunities for all students to work at their own pace and to focus on skills most appropriate for them.

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