Hamburger helper

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There are so many reasons to love Reading Rockets. They have great articles, tips for teachers and even lesson plan ideas. I usually share their articles on this blog, but today I am sharing one of their many fabulous lesson ideas-the paragraph hamburger.

What is a paragraph hamburger? Glad you asked! It’s a writing organizer that visually outlines the key components of a paragraph. As you teach the elements of a good paragraph (topic sentence, detail sentences and a closing sentence) you show students that each one forms a different part of a tasty burger. Reading Rockets has all of the materials you will need to use this comparison; they have a short description of the lesson, templates for students and even a PowerPoint presentation to use with your students.

Use this lesson for all or just for those that would need more help with the concept. If you don’t feel all students need the support of these visuals, simply make the templates and the PowerPoint available as resources during a differentiated writing lesson. Or use the metaphor with all learners and challenge some to make bigger burgers or to add more “ingredients”!

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