Move, talk, and share in K-2

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If you have been following me here at Differentiation Daily for awhile, you know I love to feature active learning techniques. Every week, in fact, I try to highlight at least one game, structure, or activity that can be used to teach, review, or assess. Today we get a treat because the featured post provides nearly a dozen ideas for active learning in the early grades. These ideas are brought to us by Lauren from Whimsy Workshop Teaching (guest blogging at Teacher Mom of Three).

I love her ideas for centers as they leave lots of room for students to participate in ways that work best for them (e.g., read the cups, make sentences with the cups). My favorite piece of her post, however, is this quote: “Make it bigger or cut it apart”. I love it because it it true! When you think about easy ways to differentiate, making it bigger often makes it more accessible and cutting it up often makes materials easier to manipulate—brilliant!

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