Picture perfect writing practice

Pic Lits describes itself as “inspired picture writing.” With this site, students can choose one of the many photographs available and write about it. In the freestyle mode, students can type in their own words. Students who need extra support can use the drag-n-drop mode in which they are provided a set of about 200 words that can be used to make a sentence. Each photo has a unique set of words, so students can learn new vocabulary and explore different topics with each image.

At least two characteristics of this tool will help teachers differentiate. The most obvious way to use Pic Lits for struggling learners is to have students who cannot write or develop ideas on their own use the drag-n-drop feature. Another way this tool helps teachers reach all is by providing such a range of images and themes; every student will be able to find a picture that intrigues them or relates to their interests.

Consider using Pic Lits to have students write short poems, create similies or metaphors, or practice using new vocabulary words.

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