Science mommy in the kitchen

There are many reasons to love The Science Mommy blog but one of main reasons I go back again and again is that she has just as many ideas for teachers as she does for parents. I believe that science (when inquiry-based and active learning methods are used) can be one of the easiest subject areas to differentiate; students can take on different roles in scientific experiments, for instance. They can learn the same content but at different levels of complexity (see my website post on differentiating the science lab for more information on this).

Science Mommy has many posts that will help teachers think about science study, inquiry, and activities for all. The most recent post is on measurement- how perfect for those of us who will be cooking with our kids today! Check out her differentiation tips (she doesn’t call them this but instead labels ideas as “for little kid scientists” and “for big kid scientists”). She has thoughts on how every learner can learn new measurement-related skills.

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