Social studies alive

Bringing Social Studies Alive bannerThe last post of the month brings us to an older post from a blog that is new to me, Bring Social Studies Alive! I just could not resist sharing this description of a unit that culminates in the sharing of products, a little dramatic flair and a celebration.

Students in blogger Paul Aleckson’s school select a topic area of ancient Greece or Rome and conduct short research projects. As part of the project, each learner creates a product (e.g., diagram, piece of art, model) to deepen understanding of their selected topic. Their projects are then used to create an ancient Greece and Rome “virtual museum” in the school library.

I love how open-ended the projects are. They give students choice and control, allow for creativity and provide opportunities for students to learn from one another. It is clear how students with a range of abilities and needs could participate and succeed including those with disabilities and those needing more challenge.

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