Differentiation in the gym class

As the article reads in article written by Joanne Walsh on the Ophea website, “There are few areas where diversity is more apparent than in a Health and Physical Education class. Students enter classes with vastly different and varied skill sets, levels of confidence and interests”. The article further reads: “It is a challenge to […]

A taxing lesson

Looking for ideas for memorable learning? Try a simulation. Have students experience an arrival at Ellis Island, an argument before the Supreme Court or unfair taxation. Want to learn more about these active, engaging and content-rich lesson formats? Check out this interview with Max Fischer on Education World. Fischer is a simulation [read more…]

Rotating word problems

Thanks to Ashleigh at Ashleigh’s Education Journey for this “get it off the page” idea for learning about word problems. She turned the tables on her young students and had them rotate through the room to work on math problems. Students, however, were not solving problems, they were writing them! I really like the idea of [read more…]

Get your GoNoodle on

Since this month’s theme is movement, I have to share a post from GoNoodle. If you have not yet used this tool in your classroom, you need to check it out immediately!

In a nutshell, GoNoodle is a free resource that help kids be more focused, energized and productive. The site is filled with short videos that prompt students to move, dance or pantomime. These videos can be used to reinforce key concepts, boost engagement and attention, and support learners who struggle when [read more…]

Walk about in algebra

Gina Wilson’s blog, All Things Algebra, is a valuable resource for math teachers in upper grades. The game that I am featuring today is one of her many ideas for making math fun, collaborative, and active. She calls it the Translating Walk About and it involves splitting her students into teams and asking them to examine expressions/equations/inequalities and translate them into their own words (a great Common Core Standards lesson).

Jump over to the blog to get all of the [read more…]

Give me a break

Oh how we love the brain break activity sticks featured on Keep Calm and Teach On! Students of all ages need to move, talk, share, and interact throughout the day and these fun ideas are not only appropriate for learners of many different ages but are easy to implement even when you only have a minute to [read more…]

Bag of nouns

It’s a new month and time for a new theme! In December, I will be featuring posts related to active learning, engaged classrooms, and responsive lessons. I am starting with this fun yet simple game from The Inspired Educator Blog (great spot for teachers and learning coaches). The activity is called [read more…]

Flat Lincoln, Tubman, Earhart, Albright or…

There is no student too young or too old to enjoy this social studies assignment featured on Squarehead Teachers. This “museum” allows learners to engage actively, share content with an authentic audience, and meet individual goals. Of course, you may have all students addressing the same standards, but using this [Read more…]

Active learning and DI

This month’s theme is using active learning to differentiate. I will be sharing ideas for games, cooperative learning, brain breaks, collaborative structures, project-based instruction and more.
I am featuring this short [Read more…]

Graffiti board review

We try to feature (as much as possible) ideas that can be used across content areas so they may be repeated and learned across the school year. The graffiti board review is one such activity.

Mrs. Harris from Adventures of Room 129 uses this activity as an engaging review and as a way to get [Read more…]