FUN FRIDAY: 20 brain breaks for early grades

Teach Train Love has links to twenty videos that will keep your young students dancing and maybe even singing all year round.

Use these songs to energize students, reduce boredom and fatigue, and provide in-class breaks for learners who struggle to [Read more…]

Be dramatic

Today I am featuring a teacher-created website with plenty of ideas for incorporating drama in the classroom. Matt Buchanan’s is full of ideas for K-12 classrooms. You will find suggestions for general education classroom teachers (e.g., check out his ideas for using drama to teach about water molecules, countries of the world, and life on the Oregon Trail) and for those in the theater department too (including original plays).

Using drama is such an ideal way to [Read more…]

Let them fight it out!

Are your students learning about the Constitution? What better way to do so than to argue “real” court cases? Argument Wars at offers students the chance to become a lawyer and argue a case before a judge. They will learn about the case, then choose among the various amendments to find [Read more…]

Games for chemistry class

Looking for ways to “shake up” what goes on in your chemistry classroom? Try these games at Bright Hub Education for a review or for an introduction to new material. I really like them all, but Atom Arranging is my favorite by far!

Sidewalk chalk inequalities

After spending two weeks writing about standards, I am switching over to blogging about active learning for the next two weeks. This was inspired by a few groups of educators I have visited in the last few weeks. They are looking for new ideas to use in their [Read more…]

Active learning for all

If you have ever seen me present, you know that I talk a LOT about the need for an active and student-centered classroom. Creating spaces where students are meaning-makers who get to talk, share, interact, and problem-solve is a great way to support diverse group of learners. The most traditional classrooms are a challenge for many students with disabilities, but learning spaces that allow [Read more…]

Move, talk, and share in K-2

If you have been following me here at Differentiation Daily for awhile, you know I love to feature active learning techniques. Every week, in fact, I try to highlight at least one game, structure, or activity that can be used to teach, review, or assess. Today we get a treat because the featured post provides nearly a dozen ideas for active learning in the early grades. These ideas are brought to us by [Read more…]

FUN FRIDAY: Foreign language bean bag games

Diane at Foreign Language Fun has shared these cute games to play with your little ones but I can see playing them with kids at any age (even in high school). All of her bean bag games are designed to teach simple concepts like numbers, letters and body parts- words that all new foreign language […]

Letters, numbers, and names

How do you differentiate individual lessons in your classroom? It can be as simple as offering different materials or setting varied objectives.

In this lesson on KC Kindergarten Times, learners had to post their names on this chart and figure out how many letters in their first name, how many vowels, how many syllables and so on.

Students can certainly use…

Acing math

As often as possible, learning should feel like fun and games. Get the fun started in your classroom using only an ordinary deck of playing cards. Visit the site The Positive Engagement Project for games covering addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, percents, decimals, patterns, positive and negative integers.

Why am I so crazy about these…