Do you flex?

Loved this post from passion4theprofession about using flexible groupings and active learning structures in the classroom. You will find a few ideas for encouraging student engagement in this post along with a printable handout that can be used to create quick groupings and partnerships.

While you are on the site, browse…

Science and stories

Get your literature-loving students hooked on science by featuring kiddie lit and other trade books during science lessons. Ms. Winston’s Blog will give you lots of ideas for getting started.

She reviews three professional resources and shares some …

An English classroom for active learners

Today’s featured post comes from the high school English classroom. Dr. Pezz, a secondary education teacher, over at The Doc Is In shares an outstanding active learning lesson in this post focused on changing activities every 15 minutes. The lesson would clearly appeal to…

Teach the whole brain

Check out the video demonstrating Whole Brain Teaching on Elementary Matters. In the video that the instructor (Coach B from WBT) keeps the students totally engaged by talking, using emotions, visuals, movement, teaching chunks of information, and giving immediate feedback. Sally DeCost, creator of the blog, also shares her impressions of using WBT in her second-grade classroom. WBT […]

FUN FRIDAY: The trading game

I am featuring a new site today, Mrs. Prince & Co. She has a lot of neat ideas for first graders including the trading game, an activity designed to help students learn how to make change and remember coin values. I am a big fan of using games in the differentiated classroom as they tend […]

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Digital recorders in the music classroom

There are so many possibilities for using digital recorders in the music classroom. Students can get instant feedback on their performances, small groups can work collaboratively and share their contributions with the teacher, and learners can bring lessons home to hear the same information more than once. All of these ideas are shared in detail […]

Who am I?

You all know that I love to share active learning techniques as much as any other type of lesson on this blog. Today is a treat because I not only get to feature a fun “guess who” getting-to-know-you game, but a free download that comes along with it. Over at Inspiring Teaching Now, you can […]

FUN FRIDAY: Tax collection in the classroom

What better way to learn about the American Revolution than to experience it first hand? This is essentially what the drama-focused teacher at Classroom Magic did with her fourth graders. To teach about taxation in the colonies, one student became the king, two students became tax collectors, and the rest were taxpaying citizens. Everyone received […]

Are you game for multiplication?

Games are ideal for the differentiated classroom as rules can be modified if needed, peers can serve as partners, and materials can be adapted for those needing something different (e.g., graph paper with larger squares, spinner instead of dice). Posted by Sadie at Love To Learn Homeschool, this activity simply involves having one student roll […]

What do you remember about the Monet?

I am always looking for ideas for the art, physical education, foreign language, and music teachers because we don’t see enough ideas for these folks and they are too often forgotten in the differentiated instruction literature. This lesson at Kari’s Fun Art Lessons is so simple yet so genius and could really work with many […]