Managing co-teaching

A recent blog post by teacher, Randy Johnson, provides helpful tips on creating norms for collaboration in the co-taught classroom. Differentiation strategies (e.g., cubing, tiering, anchor teaching) should become easier to implement when there are two educators on board, but in order for it to work well, both parties need to [Read more…]

A diagram of the inclusive classroom

Visit Following My Heart to First to see an excellent example of modeling the use of a graphic organizer in writing. The lesson is great, but I have to admit that my real interest in this post is the content itself. How delightful to see [Read more…]

Differentiaion view co-teacher

Without a doubt, co-teaching is one of the smartest ways to differentiate instruction and meet the needs of your diverse learners. Even if you cannot co-teach full time, you might be able to use your collaborative relationships to better serve your students and to meet their [Read more…]

Questions for collaborative teams

To continue our look at co-teaching, check out this piece on The Cornerstone on advice for teaching teams. It includes tips on [Read more…]

Teaching models for two

This month I am posting ideas related to collaboration. Last week, I emphasized student collaboration and this week I am going to feature posts on co-teaching. Today‚Äôs post is right off of Teaching2Gether, a blog focused completely on co-teaching. If you are part of a team, this is a site you may [Read more…]