Common core math for the little ones

If you are frustrated with the assumption that teaching to the Common Core Standards means working off a script or program, you will love this refreshing write up on math lessons from Dream Box Learning. I love that the ideas cover so many [Read more…]

Text features anchor chart

Thinking about a creating a useful visual support to teach about nonfiction? Look no further than this post on Joyful Learning in KC. This type of chart is not only beautiful but information-packed. I love that Melissa also provides students with [Read more…]

Core standards and differentiation

Dr. Katie McKnight is a colleague and friend who does great work around differentiation. Here is a quick clip of Katie talking about differentiation and standards. Share it in your meetings and use it as a [Read more…]

Ten tools you need

To continue my two-week series on Common Core Standards, I am featuring a useful post on tech tools today that can be found on I Love EdTech. These tools will provide choices for some students (annotating on sticky notes or virtually using Diigo). For other students, they allow important access to [Read more…]

FUN FRIDAY: Standards-based interactive notebooks

Interactive notebooks are a clever (and colorful) way to teach Common Core Standards while keeping students organized. Notebooks allow students to have fun, be creative, and personalize their learning with drawings, examples, and work samples. Learn all about them from Joanne at Teaching in Cardigans. She provides links and ideas you can use across [Read more…]

Semantic gradients to support standards

Not only do I love this post featured on The Teacher’s Lounge on using semantic gradients in the classroom, but I am crazy about the great big teacher-created visual captured in the photo. This idea and resources by Lori Wolfe featured here are intended to [Read more…]

Blogging your way to the Common Core Standards

If you are at all confused about how to provide support for the common core practice standards, you should browse this short piece from Fractus Learning on how to use student blogging in the math classroom. Jayme Linton, the author of the article, also shares ideas [Read more…]

Support for annotations

Thank you to Caitlin Tucker for this information-rich post on annotation. I love not only the illustration of the well-annotated text, but the many strategies and ideas she includes. I am so interested in the [Read more…]

Common core character project

Today’s post from Teaching with a Mountain View features some great photos of student work. This upper grades elementary teacher shares a foldable that can be used for a character study lesson. Since this product can be used for any [Read more…]

Teaching critical vocabulary

Do not miss Marilee Sprenger’s article on Edutopia about Common Core and vocabulary. Sprenger realizes that not all students learn [Read more…]