Grouping with a purpose

Need some new ideas for creating meaningful pairings and groupings in your classroom? Tyson Seburn, an ELL teacher, reminds us that there are many factors to consider when planning collaborative learning. He discusses, for instance, grouping to integrate students of different levels, personalities, and needs.

Middle school match game

You know I love teaching new things to my daughter as helping her learn about new things even as small as helping verbs, helps me improve and keep in touch with the basics of language. Today’s idea from Kim at Finding Joy in 6th Grade is a keeper because it can be adapted for any […]

Interactive multiple choice

Thank you to Mrs. Eiken’s fantastic site for today’s simple and clever idea. This is a 4th grade teacher blog but this idea would work great in high school, middle school or in elementary grades. The tip involves creating craft stick multiple choice “fans” to use in small group or whole class settings. What a […]

FUN FRIDAY: Need help? Ask me!

This clever idea comes from Mrs. Geary at Light a Candle. Her student helpers wear fun visors so that their classmates know just where to go when they have questions during centers, transitions, or anytime the teacher is busy. This is a great way to give some learners a valued job while making it easier […]

Celebrating stations in K-12 classrooms

This week, we are going to feature one of the very best differentiation tools available to K-12 teachers: learning stations. Our featured post, therefore, is this short article by Michelle McFarland-McDaniels on setting up this model in the classroom.

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Share large computer files with ease

Modern digital cameras, including those found on smartphones, and digital video recorders are amazing devices.  However, if you or your students are using these tools to enhance, support, or differentiate instruction, the files that they create can prove to be difficult to share with teachers and classmates.  Enter Dropbox.

Math pair-share for students of all ages

If you have ever been to one my workshops, you know that active learning is my favorite differentiation tool. I advocate for educators to try new techniques when possible simply because teachers using the widest range of collaborative structures, games, and activities are the most likely to meet the needs of all students week after […]

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Share your computer screen with others

If you have ever wished that you could share something on your computer screen with your class or colleagues, Jing may be the solution.  Using this free software (a Pro version with additional features is available too), you can easily use your mouse to select all or a portion of your computer’s screen.  With your […]

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Not lost in translation

Do you have a need to translate materials from one language to another and find the task tedious?  Search no further than Google Translate.

FUN FRIDAY: Jenga review

Today’s idea definitely deserves to be a “fun Friday” post. The clever blogger and teacher over at I Want to Teach Forever suggests ways to create Jenga review games. (I am so psyched to have picked up my own Jenga at Target during a big Xmas sale. I am about to take my Sharpie to […]