Differentiation in the gym class

As the article reads in article written by Joanne Walsh on the Ophea website, “There are few areas where diversity is more apparent than in a Health and Physical Education class. Students enter classes with vastly different and varied skill sets, levels of confidence and interests”. The article further reads: “It is a challenge to […]

FUN FRIDAY: Animoto ideas for all ages

I love each and every one of the ideas shared on Animoto Blog. Video scavenger hunt? Yes, please! Video as a “sneak peek” of what is to come in the unit? Absolutely!

These ideas are not only fun for students, but potentially fun for teachers to create. I can think of dozens of ways that these videos can help you differentiate instruction. For instance, you can use them to build background knowledge for some students, employ them as [Read more…]

Terrific tutorials to try

I cannot wait to try today’s idea in the classroom. Student tutorials go into our “why didn’t I think of this” file!

Kim Cofino of Always Learning has a great blog and a wealth of tech-related ideas. You have to check out her post on video student tutorials. Although, Kim shares that this isn’t her original idea, her explanation of her lesson and her tips for creating tutorials are [Read more…]

Assess writing with tech tools

Free Tech for Teachers is absolutely one of the best sites on the web for educators and it is a great resource for educators who want to use more tech to meet their differentiation goals. For instance, this recent post on using on-line tools to help students [Read more…]

Tech-supported LRE

Are you sensing a theme yet? For the entire month of December, I will be focusing on tech-themed differentiation ideas. You may want to let your tech support folks know about this series so that they can help you develop new skills as you personalize instruction for your students.

Today’s idea comes from the ever-reliable Edutopia. This article by Beth Holland [Read more…]

?s on the flipped classroom

Lately I have been talking to a lot of teachers about the flipped classroom as a way to individualize instruction and meet the needs of diverse learners.

Flipped classrooms allow students to see presentations of key content repeatedly, let teachers spend class time coaching and supporting instead of delivering material, and provide students opportunities to [Read more…]

Graffiti board review

We try to feature (as much as possible) ideas that can be used across content areas so they may be repeated and learned across the school year. The graffiti board review is one such activity.

Mrs. Harris from Adventures of Room 129 uses this activity as an engaging review and as a way to get [Read more…]

FUN FRIDAY: Close readings of snapshots

How did I NOT know about Hello Literacy, the blog of Jen Jones, a talented and innovative reading teacher? In “paging” through her site, I found this fantastic post on [Read more…]

Common core math for the little ones

If you are frustrated with the assumption that teaching to the Common Core Standards means working off a script or program, you will love this refreshing write up on math lessons from Dream Box Learning. I love that the ideas cover so many [Read more…]

Text features anchor chart

Thinking about a creating a useful visual support to teach about nonfiction? Look no further than this post on Joyful Learning in KC. This type of chart is not only beautiful but information-packed. I love that Melissa also provides students with [Read more…]