Little learners and UNICORNS

So many kids balk at having to practice their sight words (and for good reason)– the task is often solitary and dull. Enter this cute little word game. This mom at The Everyday Homeschool calls it UNICORN, but you can change the name to something that intrigues your students. I love the idea of having […]

N-riching math resources

Do you know about the wealth of resources over at The NRICH Project? Teachers across grade levels and subject areas will want to check out the many activities, printables, and lesson ideas designed to “enrich the mathematical experiences of all learners”. Students who struggle in math may be interested in the many games featured on […]

FUN FRIDAY: Got any good GOSSIP about the Berlin blockade?

Looking for a new active learning technique that will work for students in middle and high school? Try the GOSSIP game described in this student teacher’s post about an engaging social studies lesson on WWII and the Berlin blockade. I love this sort of lesson as it honors so many different learning styles and preferences. […]

FUN FRIDAY: Westward Expansion-opoly?

Student-created games can be used in any subject area. In this teacher’s classroom, the content area of focus is social studies. This post from Teaching Social Studies is a few years old but we found it well worth dusting off and giving it a second look as it focuses on collaboration, student-centered review, and fun.

Can you guess?

For a fun and hands on approach to teaching estimation, check out the blog Teach Preschool. These cute little jars are one of our favorite featured ideas. Use them to teach about numbers, to encourage language (“more”, “less”, “dozens”, “hundreds”), and to encourage exploration. Little ones with fine motor problems will find the jars easier […]

Geometry match game

If you have ever been to my Joyful Learning workshop, you may have played Match Game, a collaborative structure from my book with Alice Udvari-Solner (Corwin, 2007). Match Game simple involves distributing two sets of cards to the learners in your class. Each card of one set should have a match in the other set. […]

Is your math lesson Taboo?

Many times students are able to give you a definition of a math term, but they do not really understand the concept. Challenge them to sharpen their understanding of certain terms and concepts with a game of Math Taboo. We lifted this idea from a high school teacher in Brooklyn who uses Taboo¬†with his ELL […]

FUN FRIDAY: Do the rhythm shuffle

Music teachers are going to love this cool beanbag toss game that can be differentiated for different students, classes, or grade levels. To play, students toss a beanbag on the board and provide a response based on where the bag lands. To adjust the level of difficulty, you can have different requirements for different players. […]

FUN FRIDAY: Hunting for nature

We’d like to share with you a fun hands-on activity that also allows students to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and get out of the classroom. This clever outdoor scavenger hunt is from The Creative Homemaker and is designed for families, but it could so easily be adapted for the classroom.¬† There are two very […]

Middle school literacy centers

Looking for a new literacy center format for you middle grade students? At A Teacher’s Treasure, Mrs Zrihen has her 6th-8th grade students create most of her centers in order to give the them ownership and a chance to think differently about the material. On her blog, Mrs. Zrihen shared her latest student designed activity […]