Let me count the ways I know you

I often say that you cannot differentiate for students you do not know. This is why community building, getting-to-know-you activities, and informal conversations have to continue all year long.

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FUN FRIDAY: End of year ideas

Today is the last day of school in our community, so teachers have spent the week celebrating, reflecting, and enjoying their students. If your year is ending soon and your are looking for some quick and easy ‘last week’ rituals and ideas, see this short post by Brandi Jordan on The Teacher’s Lounge. I just […]

DI facts, tips, and info

This post at Teaching Tolerance is a fantastic resource for those either learning about DI or for those teaching others about it. It includes great video excerpts, discussion questions, and specific classroom examples. Learn about cubing, scaffolding and other techniques here. This short piece is a must for anyone seeking to understand more about differentiation, […]

Found art, shadows, and water painting

The ideas from Katie Morris about end-of-the-year art projects are so wonderfully unique and varied. The chalk murals are my favorite. Each project can so easily be collaborative and adapted for different types of learners. Even if you are not an art teacher, you may want to integrate these inspired projects into studies of nature, […]

Cooperative learning in P.E.

With names like Hog Call, Monster Walk, and Traffic Jam, you know the cooperative games on Mr. Gym will be fun for elementary students. We are featuring this link today because (a) the ideas offered on the page will help any teacher meet the needs of diverse learners and (b) many of these games will […]

Put writers in flight with Storybird

Storybird is a unique website bringing artists and writers together. Artists submit collections of their art and authors can use it to create storybooks for themselves or to share with others.

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: On-line collages

If you are looking for a quick formative assessment or a way to let your artistic students shine, you have to visit Photovisi. Students simply select a template, drop the photos into place, and print to create their product. Photo collages can be quick alternatives (or supplements) to an essay or quiz. Or for a […]

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Seven strengths-based apps

If you follow the work of Thomas Armstrong (multiple intelligences), you will definitely want to read this post on strengths-based apps over on the ASCD website.

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: On-line quizzes for integrated tech

A really unique idea for tech Tuesday today. You will love this idea from Mr. Kelly, an Integrated Technology teacher. In place of a traditional pen and paper quiz, Mr. Kelly posts an online quiz with photos of students in class. Students match steps for using a belt sander, spindle sander and so on with […]

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Google News Timelines

This post has been due for a while. Last week as I was busy implementing the CRM software in my business which I found on https://www.salesforce.com/hub/crm/crm-system-benefits/, I was unable to post this post. So today‚Äôs Tech Tuesday today is a real gem from Google. The Google News Timeline was selected primarily for social studies teachers, […]