Art in the park

When Mr. Kristofer’s 2nd-4th graders made still life drawings of leaves, kindergarteners collected leaves to make rubbings. We loved seeing how students of different ages engaged in similar and overlapping lessons on this often-updated elementary education art blog. This activity offers a nice alternative within the same class for students of different abilities. Students can […]

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Whiteboard #101

Whiteboards are an essential tool in a diverse, inclusive classroom as they meet the needs of visual learners and provide opportunities for students with motor planning problems to answer questions, solve problems, and explore content without holding a pencil or writing a word. If whiteboards are new in your classroom, have no fear. You can […]

Differentiate with passion projects

Project-based instruction is one or the best ways to address diverse learning objectives in a classroom. Projects allow us to provide enrichment as we provide feedback and direction, we can help students practice IEP objectives such as reading, writing, or communication skills, and we get to see students work “outside the box” of seat work […]

Another collaborative art project

One of my favorite ways to differentiate in art class is to assign collaborative projects. I fell in love with these cool doors because all students could contribute to a fantastic-looking product while learning new techniques and getting a lesson in recycling and upcycling. I have to confess, however, that I am extra-excited to feature […]

Assessment and differentiation for the little ones

I adore the The Differentiated Kindergarten because the site is filled with freebies, colorful graphics and rich examples. Today’s post offers great advice on how to use assessment to differentiate instruction.

Collaborative art (and recycled too)

I love art that is collaborative in nature because it builds community and a sense of togetherness while allowing different students to contribute in different ways.

Differentiating the physics lab

I found a great short piece on differentiating the physics lab over at The Reflection of Physics. Even if you don’t teach physics, you may be interested as it offers quick and simple solutions to supporting diverse learners who are working on their own or in small groups.

FUN FRIDAY: Ready for summer reading…

If this doesn’t inspire your students to prepare their summer reading list, we don’t know what will!

Tin man area project

How can you not love the blog called Misscalcul8? I have been reading more math blogs lately and this has become a fave. Why? Because of neat projects like this one. I love any classroom project that allows students with different needs and abilities to contribute and be appropriately challenged. This tin man area project […]

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Testing….testing….ready to differentiate?

We just love OTs for Apps over here at Differentiation Daily. It is so hard to keep up with all of the emerging tools for our iPads and smart phones, but we don’t have to because of great sites like this one. This recent post focuses on apps that will help students with disabilities who […]