FUN FRIDAY: Shiny sight words

I love sensory stuff in the classroom and thought some of you would too. This idea would be great for teaching, but could also be used as a practice game in the home (maybe a project for the long winter break). Fairy Dust Teaching is the site featuring this whimsical idea of making sight word […]

Thanksgiving mad libs

Yesterday, we recommended a geography game at National Geographic Kids. Today, we are recommending another cool tool on the same site. This fun Thanksgiving fill-in allows students to practice parts of speech while playing a game they likely already know and enjoy. Your students will have fun coming up with silly words and phrases for […]

FUN FRIDAY: A “jewel” of a sight word

I love sensory stuff in the classroom and thought some of you would too. Today, we are visiting Fairy Dust Teaching and this whimsical idea of making sight word “gems”. I immediately thought of students with autism who might love a fidget object that is actually connected to the work they are doing in the […]

FUN FRIDAY: Reading corners to rave about

Oh would I have loved to have Amber Osterman as my Kindergarten teacher. You may feel the same way when you see the photos she has posted on her Luv2teachK blog.

FUN FRIDAY: Doing the hokey pokey with blends

To practice blending sounds, Marna at Crayon Bits, sings the Hokey Pokey with her students. She shares an example of the words she substitutes into the song, helping her students practice blending the letters: You put a (s- say letter name) in, you put a (m – say letter name) in, you put a (s […]

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Google your own adventure

You know those cool choose-your-own-adventure books you enjoyed as a kid? Well, using Google forms, you can create your own for the classroom or you can have students create their own. Read all about it on Bionic Teaching. Reluctant writers might be interested in creating these for their friends or even for younger students in […]

FUN FRIDAY: Noun town

What else can we say? It is a town….made of nouns! Every student makes contributions. To learn more about the lesson, visit one of our very favorite blogs in the universe, First Grader….at Last! You could make a noun town in a day or you could make a town that grows throughout the year. Any […]

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Fun with stickman

Be prepared to lose hours of your life to doodling once you click over to Draw a Stickman. How could you use this in the classroom? To teach and reinforce vocabulary for ELL students, to assess the following of written directions for children with disabilities, to inspire a reluctant writer, to teach young students how […]

FUN FRIDAY: Learning sounds? Light the way!

Support your students struggling with phonics by using tap lights. Hope King came up with the idea in her second grade classroom when some of her students were having difficulty sounding out words and began to lose interest in trying. To use the technique, she gives students a word and has them tap a light […]

Reading comprehension for students on the spectrum

I have a guest blog about reading comprehension and autism this week on Home Educating Family Publishing. If you have students on the spectrum needing a little extra support in this area, you may want to take a peek.