Inspiring lessons for the HS math classroom

Check out dy/dan this week for some really amusing ideas for teaching in the high school mathematics classroom. The links he shares feature a dating metaphor to teach the definition of a function, rock/paper/scissors predictions in stats, and an idea for turning computational questions into conceptual questions. Take a moment to browse these [Read more…]

Acing math

As often as possible, learning should feel like fun and games. Get the fun started in your classroom using only an ordinary deck of playing cards. Visit the site The Positive Engagement Project for games covering addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, percents, decimals, patterns, positive and negative integers.

Why am I so crazy about these…

FUN FRIDAY: Egg carton place value

Spark your students interest in learning place values with this clever game from Doris at Third Grade Thinkers. Simply take an empty egg carton, write the place value at the top of each column, and fill the carton with small manipulatives (i.e. erasers). The student shakes the closed container, and opens it to reveal a […]

FUN FRIDAY: The trading game

I am featuring a new site today, Mrs. Prince & Co. She has a lot of neat ideas for first graders including the trading game, an activity designed to help students learn how to make change and remember coin values. I am a big fan of using games in the differentiated classroom as they tend […]

Are you game for multiplication?

Games are ideal for the differentiated classroom as rules can be modified if needed, peers can serve as partners, and materials can be adapted for those needing something different (e.g., graph paper with larger squares, spinner instead of dice). Posted by Sadie at Love To Learn Homeschool, this activity simply involves having one student roll […]

Periodic table ideas galore

For dozens of ideas on how to make teaching the periodic table of elements engaging, check out this nifty post by Alicia Bayer on You will find games, visuals, and lessons appropriate for several different ages, grade levels, and ability levels.

DIY math manipulatives in K-12

Today’s post offers an idea that will help us be green, save money, and differentiate instruction all at the same time. This short article by Marilisa Kinney Sachteleben provides several ideas for creating your own math manipulatives. I loved the uses for twist ties, stickers, and playing cards in particular. The milk ring idea is nice […]

Wrap up a lesson on area

Teaching area? Wanting to do so in a memorable and hands-on way? Read this lesson idea on Corkboard Connections from a creative guest blogger, Stephanie Moorman of Teaching in Room 6. The lesson involves giving students a box and wrapping supplies and asking them to determine the amount of paper they will need. This is […]

Memorizing math facts

Once again, it is Scholastic  to the rescue! This brief post will help frustrated teachers help students understand multiplication while also memorizing important facts. The ideas include tactile, visual and auditory methods are are sure to help students with various needs get the support they need. This is the type of post I might also […]

A stations teaching lesson on fractions

Many teachers tell me they are interested in using stations, but they are not sure how to start. The MIDDLE Teacher blog has come to your rescue if you are one of those seeking quick and easy plans to use as you learn about this active and easy-to-differentiate lesson format. The featured plan is a […]