Math pair-share for students of all ages

If you have ever been to one my workshops, you know that active learning is my favorite differentiation tool. I advocate for educators to try new techniques when possible simply because teachers using the widest range of collaborative structures, games, and activities are the most likely to meet the needs of all students week after […]

FUN FRIDAY: Place value scavenger hunt

Have fun in math class by having your students go on a place value scavenger hunt. Ashleigh at Ashleigh’s Education Journey makes cards that ask students to browse print resources and answer questions or locate examples, such as, “Find a number with a 4 in the thousands place.” Students in her class search through an […]

FUN FRIDAY: Number necklaces

Number necklaces are a simple yet engaging way to practice comparing numbers with your students. Katie from Once Upon a Teaching Blog made these necklaces for her 4th grade students using index cards, a hole punch, and string. She wrote 5 and six digit numbers on their necklace cards. For some physical activity, she calls […]

Differentiation from the moment they enter

How do you informally assess learners? Miss. Roeckle (over at Cheryl’s Classroom Tips) sometimes asks students to complete an entrance slip math problem to see if they understand the previous day’s lesson. For instance, before teaching multiplication, she gave all of her students the addition/subtraction money problem below. Then she introduced a new math game […]

Think tangrams

If you are currently teaching tangrams (or you will be in the near future), you must check out this differentiated lesson plan and learning agenda on the topic. You will find these goodies at Think Magnet//Laughing and Learning Through Teachable Moments. Shelisa, a former teacher, gives great tips and ideas of how to make the […]

N-riching math resources

Do you know about the wealth of resources over at The NRICH Project? Teachers across grade levels and subject areas will want to check out the many activities, printables, and lesson ideas designed to “enrich the mathematical experiences of all learners”. Students who struggle in math may be interested in the many games featured on […]

My favorite mistake

Remember that song by Sheryl Crowe called My Favorite Mistake? Well, it turns out that “my favorite mistake” can also be a game played in your math class. This teacher calls it “my favorite no”. Use it to engage learners who are tired of the same old review routine and to support those who really […]

Differentiating with division

Need ideas for differentiating in your math classes? Click over to this blog post at Taming the Bicycle and learn a few new tricks (including one use of graph paper that is elegantly simple) for making lessons on division available to everyone.

Virtual manipulatives for K-12 math

Today’s selection, The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives, is an NSF supported project that began a decade ago to develop a library of interactive, web-based virtual manipulatives for the teaching and learning of mathematics.

FUN FRIDAY: Define “vertex”

Math teachers often find that active learning techniques are hard to implement into their lessons. This one at Ramblings of a Fifth and Sixth Grade Teacher, however, is designed for the math classroom. Word ball is fun and easy to set up and helps students develop a stronger vocabulary that can be accessed across math […]