FUN FRIDAY: Create your own insect

If you are a science teacher or a sixth grade teacher (or just a fun teacher), you need to know about Mr. Hofer’s blog. There are too many neat ideas out there to choose just one post, but I loved this insect project because I am crazy about lessons that integrate art into other subject […]

FUN FRIDAY: Number necklaces

Number necklaces are a simple yet engaging way to practice comparing numbers with your students. Katie from Once Upon a Teaching Blog made these necklaces for her 4th grade students using index cards, a hole punch, and string. She wrote 5 and six digit numbers on their necklace cards. For some physical activity, she calls […]

Character portraits in 3D

For your next book project, give your students the option to make a character portrait that will be both memorable and unique.

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: When art meets tech

Today’s idea offers students creative freedom while also asking them to use what they have learned about art styles and history.¬†

Graffiti board review

We try to feature (as much as possible) ideas that can be used across content areas so they may be repeated and learned across the school year. The graffiti board review is one such activity. Mrs. Harris from Adventures of Room 129 uses this activity as an engaging review and as a way to get […]

FUN FRIDAY: Reviewing treble clef

Have bulletin board, duct tape, and fly swatters? Then you are prepared to try this cute treble clef review from Mrs. King’s Music Room. To use the board, Mrs. King asks two students to stand at the board at a time. The students review by ¬†swatting the notes played by the teacher.

Middle school match game

You know I love teaching new things to my daughter as helping her learn about new things even as small as helping verbs, helps me improve and keep in touch with the basics of language. Today’s idea from Kim at Finding Joy in 6th Grade is a keeper because it can be adapted for any […]

FUN FRIDAY: Getting your head around vocabularly words

When I saw this idea, it was so fun, I wanted to try it around the house this weekend- LOL! Mrs. Lewis (clearly a teacher worthy of being featured on FUN FRIDAY) at Mrs. Lewis’ Learning Library gives students word headbands to wear around the classroom. Learners don’t know their own word and have to […]

FUN FRIDAY: Sticky note flip books

Love today’s clever idea from momfilter (a blog created by the editors of Cookie magazine) and had to try it immediately! I can think of so many fun classroom applications. You can, for instance have students create a math story; assign teams or small groups the task of illustrating a scientific idea or principle; give […]

FUN FRIDAY: Pillow “word wall”

Soooo cute! On her resource-rick website, Shari Sloane, an educator and consultant, features important first words on pillowcases. These might be distributed to all students (they could even be made by students with fabric markers and old linens) or they could be given to just a few learners needing extra practice.