Multiplication punch card

Motivate your students to learn multiplication facts with this punch card from Ms. Noble’s Class. Learners will certainly appreciate having a visual to track their successes and many will find the act of punching to be fairly motivating as well! The cards could not only be helpful for teachers to assess student progress but could […]

FUN FRIDAY: Time for your close up?

Ok, this MAY be the best fun Friday idea EVER! As you know, on Fridays we share some neat teacher-created product or idea- often from a teacher’s website. Today we are featuring the move-making magic of Room 13 in Troy, Michigan. Check out these fantastic before & after images and then download the movie and […]

Grow skills while giving

Looking for a novel way to motivate your students? Want to make learners more aware of the work of the United Nations? You can do both by introducing students to Free Rice. On this innovative site, students can answer trivia questions, review math facts, and learn new vocabulary words while donating rice through the World […]