TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Lights, flip camera, action

Teach Science and Math is such a great resource for K-12 educators. I check it regularly and sometimes look back at the archives to see if I have missed anything!

FUN FRIDAY: Tactile landscapes

We are over at the Crayola website today with a lesson that could delight your sensory-seeking students. Artistic learners will love it as well. The lesson involves having students analyze different landforms and match them to textured materials (e.g., wax paper to represent waterfalls, sandpaper to represent the desert). Once they decide on a range […]

I can write a note, letter, recipe, or…

There are so many great posts about teaching writing on Teaching With Love and Laughter, but this one featuring a choice menu caught our attention because it is one of the best of its kind we have ever seen. Many teachers have choice boards in their writing centers, but Lori’s features work samples, colorful backgrounds, […]

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of comprehension

Give your students the opportunity to get up close and personal with the Declaration of Independence with this activity from Mr. Kulikowski at Mr. K’s Time and Relative Dimension in School. Rather than simply presenting it to learners to study, Mr. K has his students read it and then translate it into modern language. Students […]

FUN FRIDAY: Tax collection in the classroom

What better way to learn about the American Revolution than to experience it first hand? This is essentially what the drama-focused teacher at Classroom Magic did with her fourth graders. To teach about taxation in the colonies, one student became the king, two students became tax collectors, and the rest were taxpaying citizens. Everyone received […]

FUN FRIDAY: Solve a mystery

Scholastic has so many great tools, so I often turn to them for special occasion lessons. They always have a ton of ideas for holidays, seasons, and celebrations and they won’t let you down for Presidents’ Day. My favorite is this mystery game that kids can play alone or in small groups.This may be an […]

FUN FRIDAY: Place value scavenger hunt

Have fun in math class by having your students go on a place value scavenger hunt. Ashleigh at Ashleigh’s Education Journey makes cards that ask students to browse print resources and answer questions or locate examples, such as, “Find a number with a 4 in the thousands place.” Students in her class search through an […]

Freedom Riders resource collection

If you are highlighting change agents during your Black History Month studies, be sure to check out  the PBS Freedom Riders website. This site is incredible and contains dozens of resources, lesson ideas, video clips, and visuals. You can even watch the PBS special right on the website. The best part of the this page […]

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Differentiation is newsworthy

Not every lesson involving student writing needs to be an old-fashioned narrative.  Using the unique tool at Fodey, students can create their very own newspaper “clipping”.  

Make maps magnetic

Do you have students who can show you better than they can tell you? Create these simple magnet maps to allow students to answer questions without having to write or explain an answer. Let them show you regions of the United States. Ask them to point to the states, cities, or landmarks you are studying. […]