Sustainable housing PBL

If you are a science or engineering teacher, you must explore the project-based learning idea over at EduRuminate. Students created sustainable housing (albeit on a fairly small scale) as a way of learning about design, building, and ecology.

FUN FRIDAY: Westward Expansion-opoly?

Student-created games can be used in any subject area. In this teacher’s classroom, the content area of focus is social studies. This post from Teaching Social Studies is a few years old but we found it well worth dusting off and giving it a second look as it focuses on collaboration, student-centered review, and fun.

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Google News Timelines

This post has been due for a while. Last week as I was busy implementing the CRM software in my business which I found on, I was unable to post this post. So today‚Äôs Tech Tuesday today is a real gem from Google. The Google News Timeline was selected primarily for social studies teachers, […]

Notebooking the election?

If you enjoy paging through scrapbooks and think that artifacts, photos, and journal entries are helpful tools for learning about a person or experience, you will appreciate today’s idea: notebooking in social studies. Notebooking can be an effective way to differentiate instruction, as it allows different students to create, collect, and choose different writings, illustrations, […]

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Must-have apps for social studies teachers

If you teach social studies, you must visit Greg at History 2.0 . He has so many great resources to share, but we especially loved one of his latest posts on an “app pack” that teachers need to support students in learning with technology, taking notes effectively, and creating higher-quality work products. There are so […]

FUN FRIDAY: Community notebook

I love so much about the community notebooks featured on First Grader at Last. For starters, students can use a range of materials to construct their books and can use artifacts and scrapbook materials to supplement writing. The thing I love most, however, is the little Flat Chelsea and Flat Chip adventure. What a great […]

FUN FRIDAY: Tracing the steps to history

Let your fingers do the walking over to to view a neat history activity that is appropriate for students of all ages. This lesson provides opportunities for movement, choice, and creativity.

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Move over, James Cameron

The 100th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic is this week. Many teachers, therefore, are dedicating class time to studying this mysterious disaster. If you are one of those educators looking for resources for your diverse learners, you have to check out this cool movie-making tool from Educational Web Adventures. There are so many learning […]

Differentiating the Islamic Empire

Today’s feature is this great little piece on differentiating content and assessment in secondary social studies. Pass it on to those in your school trying DI for the first time!

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: A train ride without leaving the classroom

I can think of no better way to start out Autism Awareness Month than to share this cool Google tool that allows users to take a train through the Swiss Alps. For those that do not know much about autism, trains are a popular special interest area of many on the spectrum and more than […]