FUN FRIDAY: Learning sounds? Light the way!

Support your students struggling with phonics by using tap lights. Hope King came up with the idea in her second grade classroom when some of her students were having difficulty sounding out words and began to lose interest in trying. To use the technique, she gives students a word and has them tap a light […]

30 ways to practice spelling words

Want to differentiate spelling word study sessions? Introduce typewriters, Scrabble tiles, and Morse code or take a look at some of the other fun ideas on Jimmie’s Collage. These strategies are sure to reach your diverse learners and bring novelty to your lessons.  

Spelling with stones

As part of the Daily 5 in her classroom, Laura at The Grade Two Zoo gives students a box of small stones to “write” their words. ┬áStudents can work independently or with a partner. Try having students spell words individually before revealing their “creations” to a partner or you can have them build one word […]

FUN FRIDAY: Pillow “word wall”

Soooo cute! On her resource-rick website, Shari Sloane, an educator and consultant, features important first words on pillowcases. These might be distributed to all students (they could even be made by students with fabric markers and old linens) or they could be given to just a few learners needing extra practice.

Spelling their way

Have students who love games? Some who need to hear cues vs. see them? Others who like repetition? Have them all practice at Spelling City! Here they start out by typing in their new spelling words. Then they choose from a variety of spelling activities such as finding the missing letter in a word, alphabetizing […]