Metaphors galore

So many students that I know need help understanding figurative language. These learners might benefit from the resources available on Corbett Harrison’s blog and website. Harrison invites students to find [Read more…]

Put writers in flight with Storybird

Storybird is a unique website bringing artists and writers together. Artists submit collections of their art and authors can use it to create storybooks for themselves or to share with others.

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: “One” way to get them writing

I don’t know why but I just love One Word. I have been on the site every day this week. One Word flashes a single word on the screen and users have sixty seconds to write anything that comes to mind. The writer can then post  his or her response for others to read. Having […]

I can write a note, letter, recipe, or…

There are so many great posts about teaching writing on Teaching With Love and Laughter, but this one featuring a choice menu caught our attention because it is one of the best of its kind we have ever seen. Many teachers have choice boards in their writing centers, but Lori’s features work samples, colorful backgrounds, […]

Science notebooks rock!

Notebooking is an idea that has so much promise in the differentiated classroom. Different students can add different products, a range of goals can be addressed, and artifacts can be added or created. And the best news is that notebooking works well for even the youngest students. Don’t believe me? Visit Kindergarten….kindergarten to see the […]

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of comprehension

Give your students the opportunity to get up close and personal with the Declaration of Independence with this activity from Mr. Kulikowski at Mr. K’s Time and Relative Dimension in School. Rather than simply presenting it to learners to study, Mr. K has his students read it and then translate it into modern language. Students […]

Just a picture

Have you tried giving your students a photograph as a prompt for a writing assignment? How about giving them a photo and telling them they have the freedom to write in any style they choose? John Spencer at Education Rethink does exactly this with his students and gets many creative assignments in response-poems, short stories, […]

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Differentiation is newsworthy

Not every lesson involving student writing needs to be an old-fashioned narrative.  Using the unique tool at Fodey, students can create their very own newspaper “clipping”.  

Reading, writing and radon?

Science journals are becoming increasingly common in K-12 classrooms. Teachers are using them to access student thinking, to encourage reading and writing across the curriculum, and to make assessments more authentic. Journals can also be fairly easy to adapt for different learners. Some (or all) students can journal collaboratively, for instance. Other students can use […]

FUN FRIDAY: Shiny sight words

I love sensory stuff in the classroom and thought some of you would too. This idea would be great for teaching, but could also be used as a practice game in the home (maybe a project for the long winter break). Fairy Dust Teaching is the site featuring this whimsical idea of making sight word […]