TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Differentiation is newsworthy

Not every lesson involving student writing needs to be an old-fashioned narrative.  Using the unique tool at Fodey, students can create their very own newspaper “clipping”.  

With this tool, everyday classroom topics can be treated as news events to be covered by your newly hired student reporter staff. Let creativity run wild to include both the important lesson facts and any embellishments that students want to add to give the story more interest. Learners can select from different periodical styles (e.g., traditional newspaper, fashion magazine, car magazine, sports magazine) and adapt their stories to match their chosen publication. Teachers can have a little extra fun by creating their own story about the student’s work as part of their feedback on the assignment.

One way to use this tool to differentiate is to add it to a menu of assessments allowing each learner to choose one way to express their understanding of a topic. For example, you might offer the option of (a) a traditional essay/report, (b) a blog entry, (c) a comic book creation, or (d) the Fodey newspaper clipping.

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