TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Move over, James Cameron

The 100th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic is this week. Many teachers, therefore, are dedicating class time to studying this mysterious disaster. If you are one of those educators looking for resources for your diverse learners, you have to check out this cool movie-making tool from Educational Web Adventures. There are so many learning possibilities on this site. As students create the movie, they will be learning about different aspects of the accident. They will have opportunities to “review” the content with each viewing. Further, as they share their movies with peers and watch other films, they will be able to get even more information and the benefit of learning from the perspectives of their peers.

We really love the idea of teaching about technology at the same time content is being explored. Students will certainly learn about the Titanic, but they may also get ideas for creating other documentaries and visual texts. If you have students who need more challenge, you could have them focus on presenting specific pieces of information. You could, for instance, have them present information on just the survivors’ accounts or on just the structural failures.


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