TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Not lost in translation

Do you have a need to translate materials from one language to another and find the task tedious?  Search no further than Google Translate.

If you’ve never tried this before, you don’t know what your missing.  If you have tried this before and have not been back lately, you’ll love the new features such as aut0-detecting the language being typed for translation, on-the-fly translation (no need to hit a “translate now” button), and the ability to listen to both the original and translated text.  Simply select the language you want to translate to, and start typing in the text box provided.  Also, if you already have the text somewhere on your computer (email, word processing document, Internet page, etc), just select the text and then cut & paste into the Google Translate page.

For those working with more advanced language learners, check out Google’s other translation tools to help inspire new ways to use instant messaging, video transcription, and web page viewing as classroom materials.

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