TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Podcasts in the classroom

Put pencil and paper projects aside and give your students a chance to create a podcast of their learning. Several sites have tools you can use but today we are featuring Audacity because it is both free and easy to use.

Podcasts are a great tool for teaching, learning, and assessment. Students can conduct and create oral book reports, mock interviews, radio plays and documentaries, and even musical performances. Podcasts can be used as curricular adaptations too. For example, a student who stutters, has anxiety, or feels insecure about their ability to speak English might be occasionally allowed to substitute a podcast for an oral report.

Podcasts also allow for the differentiation of roles. For instance, students can work in groups to create a radio program. Each member of the group can make a contribution to the program. Some might sing, some might recite a poem, and others might produce the segments or serve as the director.

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