Book reports in the bag

4th Grade Frolics bannerI have featured lessons from 4th Grade Frolics in the past because teacher Tara always has such innovative ideas and is always sharing great work samples with her readers. Today, I was poking around on her site and found an idea that fit so beautifully into our month’s theme of literacy: book reports in a bag. As I read about the requirements for the assessment, I not only thought about how motivating the “work” would be for kids, but immediately noticed so many different differentiation opportunities. First of all, I love that it allows students to communicate and show learning in an alternative way. For students who are learning English, struggle with writing and have disabilities, writing long reports can be a challenge. Allowing these students an opportunity now and then to do something that is a bit more creative and open ended, may not only get learners excited about reading, but about using “art” as expression. The other element I like about the project is that it is individualized. Students were allowed to choose their own books, therefore, there were many different bags for students to explore. These little showcases are sure to get kids thinking differently and connecting with peers about recommended texts.

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