AP Spanish para todos

If you teach any foreign language class, you will be impressed with this article from College Board. It does focus on AP Spanish, but the recommendations could work well across languages and age groups too. Written by educators, Grace Smith and Stephanie Throne, it covers flexible groupings, products, and use of technology.

Free DI presentation

Wow! What a gift! On Andrew Weaver’s blog, Learning Support Toolbox, you will find a nice set of handouts for teaching colleagues about differentiated instruction. Did I mention it was free? Thanks for this great resource, Andrew!

Students as test authors

The featured post today is written with college students in mind, but you can use it with almost any grade level. At The BOK Blog, they are suggesting that educators “flip” test prep and have students write and discuss their own proposed test questions as a way to prepare for big exams. Read more about […]

Differentiating with station teaching

Today, I am going to feature one of the very best differentiation tools available to K-12 teachers: learning stations. Our featured post, therefore, is this short article by Michelle McFarland-McDaniels on setting up this model in the classroom.

FUN FRIDAY: Swats o’ fun

As summer has turned to fall, you may be looking for uses for those classroom fly swatters. Well, Dr. Branstetter is here to help! Over at Notes from the School Psychologist, she is featuring rules for a game that (in her experience) is a real winner for students with ADHD and others needing a lot […]

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Terrific tutorials to try

I cannot wait to try today’s idea in the classroom. Student tutorials go into our “why didn’t I think of this” file! Kim Cofino of always learning has a great blog and a wealth of tech-related ideas. You have to check out her post on video student tutorials. Although, Kim shares that this isn’t her […]

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Over 100 ways to use word clouds

Don’t you love finding new uses for word clouds in the classroom? You may be using them to cleverly post classroom rules, analyze a speech, or learn about student interests.

A fun alternative to the desk

Do your students struggle to stay seated? A great differentiated classroom will have not only great variety in teaching materials, strategies, and formats, but in the environment itself. To meet the needs of diverse learners, try offering changes in lighting like using lamp lighting or natural lighting at times.

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Whiteboard #101

Whiteboards are an essential tool in a diverse, inclusive classroom as they meet the needs of visual learners and provide opportunities for students with motor planning problems to answer questions, solve problems, and explore content without holding a pencil or writing a word. If whiteboards are new in your classroom, have no fear. You can […]

It’s time to (groan) assign a group project

Do your students dread working on group projects? Do you spend too much time trying to figure out who will and won’t work well together?  We found this great visual on Math Teacher Mambo’s blog; it provides a rationale for group work and some gentle encouragement to practice communication and social skills. We think this tool […]