Differentiate with passion projects

Project-based instruction is one or the best ways to address diverse learning objectives in a classroom. Projects allow us to provide enrichment as we provide feedback and direction, we can help students practice IEP objectives such as reading, writing, or communication skills, and we get to see students work “outside the box” of seat work […]

Differentiating for the introvert

Looking for ways to support your shy or quiet learners? Take a peek at this helpful new posting on the topic over on Edutopia.

Differentiation vs. standardization

This article on differentiation from Nell Noddings isn’t new, but it is worth sharing. What kinds of conversations are you having about differentiation at your school? Would this article be worth a read with your colleagues?

Starting the year off strong

I could not resist featuring these wonderful interviews about the first days of school on Education Week. My favorite part was Rick Wormeli’s recommendation to start the year off with high expectations and challenging content. Which pieces resonated with you?

How much glue will do?

Do you have young learners or older children with disabilities that make working with glue a bit…..sticky? 

When I become a teacher….

Some of you may have seen this video created by educators at a staff development experience: Some of these statements relate directly to differentiation and personalization. My favorite is “I want to lecture all day”. To me, it reminded me that nobody really wants to teach without joy or inspiration. Sometimes, we just need ideas, […]

FUN FRIDAY: Time in bloom

Spring is in the air, and here’s a wonderful visual support idea from I Do, We Do, You Do for those students who are just learning to tell time or are having a hard time figuring out that pesky minute hand. This is a version of a visual we featured in From Tutor Scripts to […]

Hand signals

You’ve probably heard about using hand signals in the classroom in order to cut down on disruptions. Penny Pinching Teacher shares a few that she uses with her fifth graders, like three fingers shaped in a ‘w’ to signal when they need water, and holding a pencil in the air when they need to have […]

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Do you have the time?

Today’s tip is a 2-for-1! I just love the Adapting Creatively blog; it is written by the mother of a young lady with Rett syndrome. She includes so many practical tips for home life and teaching and the idea we are featuring today-the use of visual timers-can actually be used in both situations. Visual timers […]

What students want

Students usually know what the teacher wants but do you know what your students want? The bold and clever teacher at teachitwrite recently asked her students to share their top requests of teachers on a piece of paper. The top three responses she received were: