Today’s selection, The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives, is an NSF supported project that began a decade ago to develop a library of interactive, web-based virtual manipulatives for the teaching and learning of mathematics.

The tools will not only help those who think in pictures but will also be a novel way for learners to check their work and create concrete models of abstract concepts.

Beware of the spinner with graph tool in the probability section. Once I started [Read more…]

A stations teaching lesson on fractions

Many teachers tell me they are interested in using stations, but they are not sure how to start. The MIDDLE Teacher blog has come to your rescue if you are one of those seeking quick and easy plans to use as you learn about this active and easy-to-differentiate lesson format.

The featured plan is a lesson on fractions but you could adapt the activities to teach just about any math concept. You have to [Read more…]

A skit starring slope

Those of you that love Oscar season as much as I do, might be in drama hangover mode now that the awards shows have come to an end. Worry not. I am here to help!

You can recreate the experience of high drama, lights, and breathtaking dialogue by working with students on skits related to your area of study. One of my favorite posts on this is an oldie (but a goodie) from [Read more…]

Fraction bingo

Check out It’s My Blog, Y’all to find materials you can download to create your own fractions bingo game. If this game is too complex or not complex enough, you can get ideas for [Read more…]

ELLs, math lessons, and differentiation

I selected this short article from the Connected Math Project for the last post of the week related to families and collaboration. While most of the piece is not about parents, it does begin with advice about working with families. The rest of the reading contains dozens of ideas for [Read more…]

Trash it or try again

This idea is as cute as it is potentially motivating. Over on ADHD Tutoring Tips you will find a great little idea for drill and practice exercises. I could see this working well for peer tutoring situations as well as homework sessions. You could pair students off into groups of two or three and have them practice as teams with each group working on [Read more…]

Teaching them to teach

Julie Reulbach at I Speak Math always has great lesson ideas galore and today’s post is no exception. Julie is blogging about her student video tutorials and I thought that featuring it would give me the perfect opportunity to illustrate how [Read more…]

Graffiti board review

We try to feature (as much as possible) ideas that can be used across content areas so they may be repeated and learned across the school year. The graffiti board review is one such activity.

Mrs. Harris from Adventures of Room 129 uses this activity as an engaging review and as a way to get [Read more…]

Legos in algebra class?

Looking for a fun idea for teaching algebra, geometry, and other mathematical concepts? Visit Colin Graham’s blog (Sine of the Times) and you will find a list of 11 ways to use Legos to teach, demonstrate, and engage active learners. Graham does not provide specific lesson plans but provides an image of how each concept can be illustrated. Check out the image of how to teach [Read more…]

Sidewalk chalk inequalities

After spending two weeks writing about standards, I am switching over to blogging about active learning for the next two weeks. This was inspired by a few groups of educators I have visited in the last few weeks. They are looking for new ideas to use in their [Read more…]