Common core math for the little ones

If you are frustrated with the assumption that teaching to the Common Core Standards means working off a script or program, you will love this refreshing write up on math lessons from Dream Box Learning. I love that the ideas cover so many [Read more…]

Blogging your way to the Common Core Standards

If you are at all confused about how to provide support for the common core practice standards, you should browse this short piece from Fractus Learning on how to use student blogging in the math classroom. Jayme Linton, the author of the article, also shares ideas [Read more…]

FUN FRIDAY: A space for those who love space

Lately I have been hooked on NASA’s Kids Club page. I think I am interested in this flashy site because I am currently plowing through and loving The Astronaut Wives Club and because I love sites with [Read more…]

Inspiring lessons for the HS math classroom

Check out dy/dan this week for some really amusing ideas for teaching in the high school mathematics classroom. The links he shares feature a dating metaphor to teach the definition of a function, rock/paper/scissors predictions in stats, and an idea for turning computational questions into conceptual questions. Take a moment to browse these [Read more…]

Walk about in algebra

Gina Wilson’s blog, All Things Algebra, is a valuable resource for math teachers in upper grades. The game that I am featuring today is one of her many ideas for making math fun, collaborative, and active. She calls it the Translating Walk About and it involves splitting her students into teams and asking them to [Read more…]

FUN FRIDAY: Creative cell models

Before today, I had not featured any lessons from Math, Science, Social Studies…Oh My, but I am sure I will be going back for more after discovering this top-notch post about student 3-D cell projects. Amy Alvis, a creative middle school teacher, blogs about several different subject areas on her site. You will love her detailed descriptions of [Read more…]

FUN FRIDAY: Golfing in math? Go figure!

I have been saving this one for a few months and could not wait to post as the first “Fun Friday” of the school year. Over at The Avery Bunch, a blog by a clever middle school teacher, I found this fantastic math review project involving geometry, golf, and a bit of collaboration. Students created mini-golf holes using knowledge they had gained about perimeter, area, angles, mean, median, and mode.

They used this in the planning, construction, and playing of the course. To make the lesson even more memorable, Mr. Avery and his students invited…

TODD’S TECH TUESDAY: Lights, flip camera, action

Teach Science and Math is such a great resource for K-12 educators. I check it regularly and sometimes look back at the archives to see if I have missed anything!

Place value picture books

Picture books are such a novel way of introducing a new concept or skill in mathematics and, because they are not used nearly often enough, introducing a few into a lesson can make it all the more memorable. Your school librarian will undoubtedly be able to suggest titles for any unit, but to get you started, here are […]

Letters, numbers, and names

How do you differentiate individual lessons in your classroom? It can be as simple as offering different materials or setting varied objectives.

In this lesson on KC Kindergarten Times, learners had to post their names on this chart and figure out how many letters in their first name, how many vowels, how many syllables and so on.

Students can certainly use…